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Dog Care Resources

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic we build relationships that are centered on you and the wellbeing of your dog. That’s why when you walk through our front doors, or visit us online you and your pet become family. In our family, we want to make sure that your needs are met and that your dogs are safe, happy, and healthy. Using our veterinary experience in Colorado Springs, we provide kind and affordable vet care for dogs and cats and offer everything from general healthcare to surgery for pets. Additionally, we want to provide real resources and recommendations for your cat and dog based on our vast experience with them. We truly treat your furry friends like our own, and we want to give you the information that you need to love and care for your animal. 


Staying in-the-know is one of the ways that we can assist you in keeping your dog healthy and happy. As veterinarians in Colorado Springs, we want to bring you relevant and important information for your dog’s care and wellness, local happenings, and even places for you and your dog to enjoy in Colorado Springs. Check out our free blog for the best vet-recommended tips for taking care of your dog!

General Dog FAQ

Generally, there are two types of pet insurance wellness also known as routine coverage or accidental coverage. 

Wellness (Routine) Coverage:

 In most cases, this type of plan will cover the wellness of your animal. This can include vaccinations, dental work, routine tests. It is essentially a preventative care plan. It will most likely not have a deductible and will not cover illness or accidents. In most cases, this plan will cost nearly the same as if you were to pay for the services directly. 

Accidental Coverage:

An accidental coverage plan will protect your animal from accidental injury. Covering things like physical injuries, accidental ingestions, foreign objects, etc. Additionally, you may also be able to acquire an accidental and illness plan that covers your dog’s accidental needs as well as any unforeseen illness. 

We recommend obtaining accidental insurance for your dog because it can protect them and you financially. If your dog we to become ill or be injured on accident you would be covered and your dog could be saved. Unfortunately, procedures can be costly and not everyone can afford to pay for them out of pocket. 

For more information visit our dog insurance page!

Giving up your beloved dog can be one of the hardest things to decide, however, if the circumstances are not ideal for the dog’s wellbeing this may be the best option. Dogs can be demanding and require hours of attention, training, and care. Between keeping them healthy active and cleaning up their messes they can seem like a chore. In today’s world, we are all so busy and if we can not take care of our dogs properly then we should seek a better home for them. 

Before bringing a dog home consider the commitment that you are making. Dogs require a lot of attention to be happy and healthy. They will need to be walked often as well as they need access to an area to relieve themselves. Additionally, dogs do not often come pre-trained as puppies and some breeds are prone to chewing or other bad habits. At the end of the day, we want you and your new puppy to be happy.  

If you have a new dog in your home or you are preparing for a new dog or puppy take a look at the following things to keep in mind. 

  1. Give Your Dog Time to Adjust
  2. Develop A Routine
  3. Learn From Our Free Education
  4. Ensure that you have assessed your home for possible chew toys or low hanging food.
  5. Obtain some cleanup materials in the case of an oopsie

Dog Food Recommendations

Your dog deserves the best of the best, and we believe that their health begins with their food. With so many different options and combinations from many brands, it is difficult to decipher what is best for your dog. Considering our years of experience as veterinarians we have provided the following food recommendations by the following brands. These foods all target a different aspect of your dog’s digestive system. Follow the links for a discount on these specific brands.  

Dog Microchipping

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Pet Grieving

When mourning the loss of a beloved dog, remember that it is important to acknowledge your grief. Allow yourself permission to express your feeling and have time to process the loss. It is important to not move too quickly and to ensure that you are grieving at your own pace. Consider doing the following to grieve your pet:

white dog shape
white dog paws

Assisting your kids with the loss of a dog

It is important to help your kids through the loss of a dog as well. Similar to you they will need time and the freedom to express their emotions so it is important to give them space and be available for them to talk to. Although it may seem easier it can be damaging to your child’s mental health to lie about the dog. Telling them it ran away or is off at a farm can hurt them more in the long run. 

Service Dog Paperwork: FAQ

Based on the ADA (Americans With Disabilities) a service animal is a dog that has been specifically trained to do work or perform specific tasks for an individual that possesses a disability. The task that the dog performs must be directly related to the disability the person possesses. 

You can register your dog through the ADA online for free today! Register Here Today

No, the ADA does not require people with disabilities to use professional dog trainers. They have the right to train their dogs themselves to do their specific task. 

Yes, service animals must be allowed to accompany their humans through any self-service food lines, as well as common food preparation areas. So for example your service animal can join you as you serve yourself at a salad bar, or even in a cafeteria or shelter. 

No, a hotel can not charge extra for a service animal on their property. This includes cleaning fees. However, if the animal was to damage the room you can expect to pay a standard damage fee just like any other customer. A hotel is also not permitted to restrict service animal customers to only pet-friendly rooms. They are required to provide the same opportunity to reserve a room to a guest with or without a service animal.  

No, entities may not require proof of documentation, training, or licensing prior to entry of their businesses or buildings. 

Yes, according to the ADA there are no restrictions on what breed of dog can be a service animal. 

No, service animals can not be excluded from entering an area or municipality based on their breed. However, if the service animal behaves in a way that poses a direct or real threat to the health or safety of others or has a past history of threatening behavior, or an event is not being controlled by the handler that specific animal can be excluded. If the animal is excluded then the staff of that municipality or business must still offer their goods or services to the owner without the animal present. If a municipality has a ban directed at a specific breed they will also need to make an exception as long as the dog does not pose a threat under the ADA’s “direct threat” provisions.

No, unfortunately, the ADA does not consider emotional support animals to be service animals. This is due to the definition of a service animal. A service animal has to be able to take action in order to prevent or assist a human through their disability. Where an emotional support animal is present to calm or ease stress/anxiety. However, they do say that if the animal is trained to predict or anticipate an anxiety attack and then can prevent it they would then be considered a service animal. 

No, the ADA does not require a service animal to wear any form of identification to display that it is a service dog. 

The following questions are permitted as a business owner who is requesting information from a patron who has a service animal. 

Premited Service Animal Questions

You may ask if the animal is required because of a disability however you may not inquire about said disability or the licensing of the dog to assist with that disability. 

You may ask them what task they have been trained to do but you may not ask them for proof of training or require anything for entry. 


At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic we truly care about the wellbeing of your dog. Therefore we have compiled a list of local resources and contacts that can assist you in caring for your furry friend. Our team of dedicated veterinarians has worked and served dogs in the Colorado Springs community for many years providing them with a unique understanding of all things dog wellness. If you have any additional questions regarding your dog’s wellness  reach out to our team today!

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