At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, we understand that the decision to move forward with end-of-life care for your beloved pet is incredibly difficult. We want to help you through this process by being compassionate, transparent and imparting you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. The final moments you have with your pet are just as important as your first moments with them. We are here to walk you through the process in an honest and compassionate manner so that you may focus on making the most of the time you have with your furry loved one. Whether your pet is nearing the finish of their golden years or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, we will work with you to determine the best course of action to ensure the least amount of pain and discomfort for them. We will work together to discuss the most appropriate steps so that this stage of life is comfortable for your pet as they make their final transition. 


Through our relationship with you and your pet, we will share our knowledge and experience to empower you with all you need to know regarding your pet’s health. Together we will discuss how our medical prognosis will impact your pet and what the next steps may be, keeping their best interest at heart. Ultimately, this is your decision and we will do all we can to answer any questions you may have. 

You know your pet better than anyone else. You have seen them grow, explore, and love on you and your family. There are signs to look out for that will help you determine your pet’s quality of life. Keep these in mind and remember to trust your instincts. 

Decreased quality of life happens over time. Review the entire timeline when your pet hasn’t been well and we will walk through options to ensure their best interests. You may notice that your pet has both good and bad days, but don’t feel like you need to wait until a bad day to help them with this final step if it means allowing them less pain.



In order to help you focus on spending time with your precious pet before the difficult day, we want to walk you through the process and take care of any potential concerns. Once the decision has been made and the appointment has been scheduled, we will cover any administrative concerns such as scheduling, billing, consent forms, and aftercare decisions so that you can simply slip out of the room after your final good-byes. 

Before your appointment, make sure your family has time to love on your pet and get the closure they need. Once the day arrives, be sure to create as much normalcy for your pet as possible. You may do this by bringing their favorite toy or blanket, keeping their collars on, and providing familiar sights, sounds, and smells beforehand. 

During the procedure, you and your family have the choice to enter the room and spend the final moments with your pet. While your presence may provide them comfort, we understand if this moment is too difficult for you. Whether or not you choose to accompany your pet, a compassionate member of our team will be with your pet during every moment. You are in a safe place where we will treat you and your pet as we would our own family, with gentle care and compassion. There is no judgment and we are here for you during every step of this emotional process. 

The process of euthanasia is reflected in the origins of its meaning which is “good death.” The purpose is to provide your pet with a relaxed, comfortable experience. This is accomplished through a two-step process. First, a sedative is administered to make your pet comfortable, relaxed, and extremely sleepy. Next, medication is administered so that your pet is no longer aware of the end-of-life experience. This is a fairly quick process where the only sensation your pet will experience will be like falling into a deep sleep which is similar to the process when humans are put under anesthesia for a medical procedure. 

If you choose to be with your pet during their passing, we will give you as much private time with him or her so you may grieve in a way that is comfortable for you. If we have already worked together on your preferences in respect to how you would like your pet’s body cared for then you may collect his or her belongings and exit privately. 


As much as we understand the delicacies of this difficult decision, we want to provide insights from other pet owners who have trusted our team with this journey. Please feel free to read reviews from previous clients. 

Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.
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The folks at Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic never fail to treat our pets with sincere and personal care. I have absolute trust in their advice and suggestions because each suggestion comes from actual care for the pet. I never feel pressured to spend money or go to extremes. We have brought pets to Ponderosa for puppy care, end-of-life care, and everything in between. Each time I leave I feel certain that my pets were given the best care possible. To top it off, the prices are reasonable - more reasonable than they could be for the service you get!
LuAnn R.
LuAnn R.
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Ponderosa has a wonderful staff that is knowledgeable and so very compassionate. I completely trust their work. They cared for my cat through difficult times, from difficult surgery through end of life, and continue to care for my dog. I highly recommend this veterinary practice!
Bryan G.
Bryan G.
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What a great place to take your pets. One of our labs recently became unexpectedly sick. We ended up having to say our goodbyes to Jill. I can't even begin to express how compassionate the staff is. They treat your pets as if they are their own. Thank you for treating our family like your own. We will always be grateful.


Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs is focused on providing you, your pet, and your family with compassionate and respectful care. With this particularly delicate situation we will be with you and your pet every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable and can focus on those valuable moments together. Please contact us if you have any questions about this process or if you would like to discuss if this is the best decision for your pet.