At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, we believe in empowering each of our guests with thorough, transparent, and ultimately helpful information so you may feel confident in your pet’s experience with us. Below are various questions we often hear so that you can be informed. For additional information, keep an eye on our blog or contact us today, and one of our knowledgable, compassionate team members will help. 

Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic welcomes dogs and cats of all breeds and ages!
We highly recommend that you make an appointment for your pet. You can call our office at 719-433-7671 or fill out the contact form on our website to schedule an appointment. If it is an emergency, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to make sure that your pet gets seen as soon as possible.

Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic is located on the southeast corner of Black Forest Road and Woodmen Rd. You can get more detailed directions here, or if you are having difficulties finding our office, you can call us any time.

If it is your first time visiting us, please bring or have your prior veterinarian send over any documents and records regarding your pet’s health. We also ask for your pet’s current vaccination records. You can also call us before your appointment, and we can get the records from your previous vet.
We do our best to get you in as soon as possible to see our veterinarians. If there are emergencies, we will get them taken care of.
We do accept and offer CareCredit. If you have pet insurance, we can provide a detailed bill that you can submit to your insurance company.
We do not offer payment plans at Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic. Payment is due at time of service.
If there is an emergency during business hours, please call our direct phone line and we’ll do what we can to get you seen ASAP. If you have an emergency when our office is closed, we recommend that you call a nearby animal hospital that is open 24 hours. We recommend Powers Pet Emergency for 24/7 ER Care.
After your appointment, we will be happy to print out a copy of your visit or any of the records that we have on file. If you are not at the clinic, you’re more than welcome to give us a call or send us an email to request your pet’s medical records. We can also fax them to whoever needs them.
We recommend that you bring your pet in at least once a year for a wellness exam! Even if your pet is in good health, we look over heart and lung health, eyes, ears, skin, any changes in weight, behavior, or physical appearance in terms of lumps and swelling, and more. We check for things that you may not notice on the surface and prevent any possible issues from developing. This is also a great time to ask our veterinarians any questions that you might have.
If your dog is older, we recommend bringing them in for a wellness exam more frequently than once a year. Preventative care will vary based on your animal’s age, breed, and lifestyle. 
Yes! We offer microchipping for your dog and cat. Call to schedule an appointment or learn more about microchipping. 


Learn more about various ways to ensure your pet is thriving each and every day as well as great community tips from those who love to get out and explore Colorado Springs with their pet. It is important for us to keep up with the latest health information for dogs and cats and to share it with you as well as answer any questions you may have. 

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We love living and playing in Colorado Springs, so it is important to us to share information about how you can enjoy this beautiful city with your pet, how you can keep them safe in rather unpredictable Colorado weather, and genuine tips about how to keep your pet safe, happy, and healthy so that you can spend as much time with them as possible. Whether you are in need of preventative care such as wellness or dental exams, want to take a deeper look at your pet’s health with digital x-rays or blood work, or need any other expert service that we may provide, then contact our team today to learn more about how Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic can help you and your pet. 

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