Lab work and blood tests for pets collects and analyzes a sample of blood allowing us to learn about your pet’s health. Through the comprehensive details lab work testing may provide, we can now have immediate answers that we may not otherwise discover. Whether you suspect something is wrong with your dog or cat, a major surgery is coming up, or it is just time for their annual wellness check, getting lab work done at Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic can help you get the answers you need.

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, we provide lab work and blood work for dogs and cats as a both a service, as well as a practice when we perform surgery, spay or neutering, dental surgery, and any serious procedure in which we need to know the current state of your pet’s health. Regular lab work is beneficial to help learn what is “normal” for your pet and can provide insight on either preventative or treatment measures depending on your pet’s needs.


We recommend more routine blood work for puppies and kittens, pets who are getting older, who are pregnant, or who have had health concerns in the past. It may also be beneficial to test your pet on a regular basis at a wellness exam appointment in order to identify and prevent potential concerns. Through the lab results, we may be able to detect signs of disease before you could see any obvious outward signs. Early treatment may help with a better outcome for your pet and lowered cost for you. It is helpful to test your pet while they are healthy in order to establish a baseline of various values, so we have something to compare with future results. 

If your pet is scheduled to undergo surgery, then lab tests will be conducted before the surgery to ensure their safety during the procedure. As a vet in Colorado Springs, we make sure that we know as much as possible about the health of your pet, so lab work and blood tests are always a part of our surgical care regimen. Lab work will test for kidney and liver efficiency to determine the safest level of anesthesia for your pet. The results from these tests can also determine the level of risk that might be associated with surgery in an elderly or injured pet. If any concerns appear in the lab results, then we will reschedule the surgery or discuss alternative treatment routes for your pet.

What Can Blood Tests Can Help Identify?

What Can Blood Tests Analyze?

Preventative Pet Safety Education

If your pet swallows something hazardous, it can be an overwhelming feeling of emergency. Take a moment to educate yourself on various hazards your pet can face and how you can help. We hope that these emergencies never take place, but it is important to be both aware and prepared in order to keep your pet safe. 

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Cat Blood Work

Cats are remarkably independent; they often keep to themselves and take care of their own basic needs to the best of their ability all while


The results that lab work produces allow us microscopic insight about the health of your pet. At Ponderosa, we can look at the fine details so you can focus on the big picture – loving your pet. Your Ponderosa family is here to walk you through each test result and what it means for your pet. If your pet is showing signs of health concerns or it is time for their wellness exam, contact Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic today to schedule an appointment. We strongly believe it is important to provide you with all the information we can discover about your pet’s health so that you can focus on keeping them happy, healthy, and well-loved for years to come.