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Lab work plays a crucial role in maintaining your pet’s health. Blood tests allow veterinary experts to learn about your pet’s wellness. Through the details that lab work testing provides, we have a better understanding of the overall health of your dog or cat. Whether you suspect something is wrong, surgery is coming up, or it’s just time for your pet’s wellness check, veterinary lab work allows us to keep your furry friend in the best health possible.

​At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, we complete comprehensive blood work to ensure your pet is in great health. We offer blood tests for dogs and cats as a standalone service as well as an essential step before surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering and dental surgery. Veterinary lab work allows our expert staff to understand the current state of your pet’s health. Regular blood tests are beneficial to help maintain your pet’s wellness for many years to come. At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, our veterinary lab work is here to keep your furry loved one healthy and happy.


We recommend routine blood work for puppies and kittens, older pets, pregnant pets, and pets with health concerns. It is also beneficial to collect lab work for your pet regularly at wellness exam appointments to identify, prevent, and treat health concerns.

The results from blood tests allow our veterinary team to detect signs of diseases and other illnesses before your pet starts displaying symptoms. Early treatment can provide a better outcome for your pet and lower veterinary costs for you. It is also helpful to blood test your pet while they are healthy to establish a baseline that can be compared with future lab results.

If your pet is scheduled to undergo surgery, then lab tests will be conducted before the surgery to ensure their safety during the procedure. We make sure we know as much as possible about the health of your pet, which is why veterinary lab work is so important. Results of blood tests will show essential information about your pet, such as kidney and liver efficiency. The results of lab work help our team to determine the safest levels of anesthesia for your pet as well as the risks of surgery. If any health concerns appear in the lab results, then we will reschedule the surgery or discuss alternative treatment routes for your furry friend.


Keeping on top of your pet’s veterinary lab work means keeping on top of your pet’s health. Blood tests are one of the most important tests that your pet can have completed. Doing so ensures your pet is healthy for years to come. You should consider lab work for your pet:


There are various types of lab work that your dog or cat can have completed. Different tests will show different results to allow us to properly diagnose and treat your pet. We can complete and process blood work for many types of veterinary tests. The most common include:

If you have concerns about your pet’s health, make sure to discuss this with your veterinarian. They will be able to determine if veterinary lab work is needed for your dog or cat.


Blood tests are essential because they help our veterinarians catch diseases and illnesses before your pet shows clinical signs. Early detection allows us to address health issues as early as possible to minimize the risk to your pet’s health. Plus, routine blood work establishes a baseline of data for your pet. Blood tests help to identify:


Blood tests showcase a variety of health data about your pet. The information we obtain from veterinary lab work allows our caring staff to monitor and treat your pet’s health. That means we can better track the well-being of your pet to keep them in great shape over the years. Blood tests analyze:


Being a pet owner is hard, but lab work allows you to stay on top of your pet’s health. At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, one of our goals is to provide pet owners with transparent and high-quality information so you can make the most informed decisions. See more pet wellness resources by visiting our blog for the best veterinary tips!
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Cats are remarkably independent; they often keep to themselves and take care of their own basic needs to the best of their ability all while


Veterinary lab work is one of the most beneficial things you can do to take care of your pet. Blood work shows us detailed information about the health of your dog or cat. As a vet in Colorado Springs, we are here to look at the fine details so you can focus on the big picture — loving your pet. Your Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic family is here to walk you through each test, what they can tell us, and the results for your furry loved one. By understanding your pet’s blood work, our expert veterinarians and veterinary staff can provide your pet with the best care possible.We believe it is important to provide you with the best information about your pet’s health so you can focus on keeping them happy, healthy, and well-loved for years to come. If your pet is showing signs of health concerns or it is time for their routine wellness exam, contact Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic today to schedule an appointment for veterinary lab work!
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