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As a pet owner, nothing is more terrifying than the thought of your dog or cat slipping out the back door or an open window. If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know how tragic and heartbreaking it is. That’s why microchipping your pet is the best way to protect your furry friend should they ever become separated from you. Plus, the procedure is fast, virtually painless, and completely safe. Pet microchips work to protect your pet and reunite you two together should the worst-case scenario happen.

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, we’re a vet in Colorado Springs offering affordable and compassionate veterinary services, including microchipping. Our expert vets and staff are here to help you make the most informed decision for your pet. We can help you decide the right time to microchip, break down the cost, and answer any questions you have before your furry friend’s appointment. If you’re ready to protect your dog or cat with microchipping services, schedule an appointment with our team!

What is a Pet Microchip?

A microchip is a small radio-frequency identification transponder no larger than a grain of rice. It carries a unique ID number that identifies your pet once it is scanned.

It is extremely important to remember to register your pet’s microchip after the procedure. There are numerous pet registry services that you can choose from. Make sure that the registry service you go with has access to a number of lost pet databases, including the national pet recovery database.

How Does a Pet Microchip Work for a Lost Pet?

Each microchip has an identification code that is registered to you, holds your contact information, and contains your pet’s information. Typically, when a lost pet is found, one of the first things animal care facilities do is scan your pet’s microchip. The chip scanner uses radio waves to display your pet’s ID on the scanner’s screen. Your pet’s ID can then be used to contact you and reunite you with your furry friend.

Is Microchipping Painful for My Pet?

Pet microchipping is essential for your pet’s health, your pet’s safety, and your pet’s well-being. Fortunately, microchipping pets is a fast and virtually painless procedure. No more painful than a vaccination, the chip is inserted between your pet’s shoulder blades with a needle that’s a little larger than a vaccination needle. No surgery or anesthesia is required, and the microchip can be placed during a routine veterinary appointment.

If your furry friend is undergoing surgery, such as a spay or neuter, veterinary staff can also place the microchip during surgery. Once it is inserted, the microchip doesn’t move and remains secure for the rest of your pet’s life. The microchip is non-reactive and does not emit any sort of signal or frequency that would harm your pet.

What are the Benefits of Pet Microchips?

Pet microchipping helps keep your pet safe in the event that they become lost. Unlike tags and collars, microchips provide a permanent way to identify your pet. Tags and collars can be removed, but microchips ensure there is a way to reunite pets even if their tags and collars fall off.

There are many benefits to microchipping your pet, including:

  • Permanent identification for your pet
  • A fast procedure that requires no anesthetic
  • No need to replace a microchip
  • Your personal information is safe
  • A tiny chip underneath your pet’s shoulder blades that cannot be felt
  • The most effective method of finding missing pets
  • An inexpensive way to protect your pet for life
  • Stores vital information to reunite your pet

Pet microchips are one of the best ways you can safeguard your dog or cat as a pet owner. No one wants to find out that their pet is missing. But, if the worst case happens, a pet microchip is the most effective method to find your dog or cat. If you are ready to protect your pet, contact Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic to schedule your pet microchipping appointment.

Pet Microchipping FAQs

Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic always wants to make sure you have the necessary information you need about our services. Microchipping is one of our most popular appointments, and we have gotten a lot of questions over the years. Here is what you need to know before making your appointment with our clinic.

In our effort to be a veterinary clinic in Colorado Springs that provides affordable veterinary services, we do our best to keep our prices low. We want you to be able to afford treatments for your pet without being overwhelmed by the cost. Depending on the services, the cost of microchipping your dog or cat may vary. Give us a call to get an official quote for microchipping!

No. Please keep in mind that pet microchips are only for permanent identification purposes. Your pet should still wear the appropriate collars and tags, including your pet's rabies tag.

Yes! Once you first register your microchip, you will fill out your contact information, including your phone number and address. If any of this information changes, remember to update your pet's microchip through your registry.

Yes — even indoor pets need to be microchipped! Unfortunately, as a pet owner, you have limited control over if your dog or cat gets out of your home. Pets are fast and can silently slip through an accidentally open door or window. Because indoor pets can still become lost pets, they ought to be microchipped as well.

Your veterinarian is the perfect place to inquire about permanent identification like microchips. Most vets will offer microchipping services. If you're looking for inexpensive microchipping services, local animal care facilities or pet stores will sometimes run cheap or free microchipping events.

No. You should not attempt to microchip your dog or cat at home. A microchip needs to be implanted properly and by a professional. A microchip that is not placed properly can cause many problems for your pet. Not only can the chip be implanted too deep, not allowing scanners to read it, but it can cause life-threatening problems for your pet. It is best to leave pet microchipping to the professionals at Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic. Contact us for an appointment!

No — you do not need to worry about your privacy if your animals are microchipped. Your information is stored within your pet's microchip registry. If the chip is scanned, the registry will contact you with your found pet. There are protections that stop random individuals from looking up your information.

One of the best things about pet microchipping is that it requires no maintenance. The tiny chip underneath your pet's shoulder blades does not move nor has a battery. That means no maintenance is required to upkeep your pet's microchip.

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Microchip Your Pet With Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic

A microchip is a permanent identification that helps return lost pets to their homes. Not only is the microchipping procedure safe, easy, and affordable, but it’s the best way to ensure you find your lost pet. With a microchip, you can feel more confident about your pet’s safety and be prepared if they ever go missing.

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, we offer affordable microchipping services for dogs and cats. We understand that you want the best for your pet. We promise that our vets and staff will treat you with nothing but kindness and compassion. Plus, we’re always here to answer your questions so you can have all the knowledge you need as a pet owner. Contact us today to schedule a pet microchipping appointment!

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