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Pet Vaccinations in Colorado Springs

To ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy life, you must keep their vaccinations up to date. Vaccinating your dog or cat is the best way to protect them from serious and even fatal diseases such as rabies, distemper, Bordetella, and feline leukemia. By taking these preventative measures now, you can guarantee that your beloved furry companion will lead a full and happy life!

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, we’re a vet in Colorado Springs that is committed to ensuring that your pet receives the highest quality veterinary care. Our experienced veterinary staff is on hand to work with you in order to develop a vaccine schedule tailored specifically to your pet’s needs. If you would like more information regarding pet vaccinations — don’t hesitate. Book an appointment now and take the first step toward keeping your precious companion healthy!

How Do Pet Vaccines Work?

Vaccinations are not only a preventive measure to protect your pet from disease, but they also help build up your pet’s immunity. By exposing them to specific bacteria or viruses in the form of a vaccine, we can further ensure that their body is prepared for anything that they may come across in their environment.

Vaccines given to pets contain traces of bacteria or viruses but without any signs or symptoms of sickness. This is done deliberately so that your pet’s immune system can be primed and ready for future encounters with such pathogens. This allows them to arm themselves against potential illnesses they may come in contact with.

a picture of a cat getting a shot
A picture of a dog receiving a vaccination.

What is a Typical Pet Vaccination Schedule?

The vaccination process is important to begin when your pet is young. Puppies and kittens possess far weaker immune systems than their older counterparts, making it essential to provide them with adequate protection. By introducing vaccines early into your pet’s life, you are protecting their immune system and keeping them healthy for years to come.

Vaccinations are typically started at 6-8 weeks of age for your puppy and kitten and are completed at about 16 weeks of age. When you work with our veterinary clinic in Colorado Springs, we will be able to determine the best vaccination schedule for your pet. In some cases, additional vaccinations may be recommended for older animals or for pets that are at a higher risk of contracting certain diseases.

Vaccination schedules vary from animal to animal and it’s important to work with your veterinarian at Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic to find the best schedule for your pet. This will ensure that they are properly protected without having too many vaccinations. We will work with you to develop a vaccine regimen that keeps your dog or cat healthy. The vaccination process is essential to protect your pet from diseases in the future.

What are the Types of Pet Vaccinations?

Vaccinations are split into two categories: core vaccinations and non-core vaccinations. Core vaccinations are required for your dog or cat. Core vaccinations play an especially important role in keeping your pet protected from diseases. Non-core vaccines, or optional vaccines, can be administered based on a number of factors, like your pet’s breed, age, health, and lifestyle.

a picture of a puppy getting a pet shot by a vet

Core vs. Non-Core Pet Vaccinations

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, we recommend that all pets receive core vaccinations to ensure their safety and health. Our experienced veterinarians will be able to discuss which type of non-core vaccinations are right for your pet based on their age, lifestyle, and environment. We will work with you to determine the best vaccination schedule for your pet and ensure that they remain healthy and safe.

Core Vaccinations for Pets

Core vaccinations are required vaccines for your pet. These vaccinations are considered essential for all pets due to the risk of exposure, severity, or transmissibility to humans. For example, the rabies vaccine is a core vaccination for pets in Colorado.

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, your veterinarian will determine what is best for your dog or cat. Core vaccinations for both dogs and cats generally include:


Non-core vaccinations are not required for your dog or cat. These vaccines are dependent on many factors, such as your pet’s age, lifestyle, exposure risk, breed, and more.

Your veterinarian will determine what non-core vaccinations are best for your pet. Non-core vaccinations generally include:

Pet Care Resources for Colorado Springs Pet Owners

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, we are passionate about empowering pet owners in our community to make the best decisions for their pets. This includes providing pet owners with the highest quality educational resources about pet vaccinations. To read some of our wellness resources, check out our blog and FAQ to discover more about pet tips, pet education, and pet wellness.

Safely Vaccinate Your Pet in Colorado Springs With Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic

Pet vaccinations are a necessary part of maintaining your dog’s or cat’s health and wellness. One of the best ways to protect the health of your pet is by keeping their vaccines up to date. By ensuring your dog or cat has all of their necessary vaccinations, you are taking the best preventive care measures to make sure your pet lives a long life.

At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, we offer the best full-service veterinary services, such as affordable vaccinations for your dog and cat. Our highly qualified medical team and animal doctors will make the best vaccine recommendations for your pet. The difference at Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic is simple. We believe in honest and compassionate vet care. We are proud to serve our community as the best veterinary clinic in Colorado Springs. Ready to vaccinate your pet? Schedule your appointment with our team to begin your pet’s vaccination schedule!

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