One of the best ways to help your pet live a full and healthy life is keeping up to date on vaccinations. Vaccinating your pet is the most effective way to prevent many serious and potentially deadly illnesses including rabies, distemper, Bordetella and feline leukemia.

As a veterinary clinic in Colorado Springs, we offer affordable vaccinations for your dog and cat, and our qualified DVMs can work with you to determine a vaccine schedule that’s right for your pet. Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic is passionate about education, and we want to give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision about your pet, especially in terms of vaccinations. Learn what we offer below, and give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Vaccinations are a preventative measure that helps build up immunities to diseases that your pet may encounter.  Vaccines contain a small amount of the disease, virus or bacteria, but do not actually produce symptoms or cause the disease. Instead, these elements are introduced to your pet’s immune system, so that your pet can learn how to fight off that disease in the future.

Vaccinations are split into two categories: Core Pet Vaccinations (required) and Non-Core Pet Vaccinations (Optional). Optional vaccines can be administered based on a pet’s breed, age, health and lifestyle. At Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, we work with you to develop a vaccine regimen that keeps your dog or cat healthy for years to come.


The state of Colorado requires that all pets get certain vaccinations based on the severity of the illness, the level of contagiousness and the overall effect on the health of your pet. Rabies is an example of a core vaccination that is required for both dogs and cats on a regular basis. Non-core vaccinations are optional and given based on a variety of factors including your pet’s health and lifestyle. For example, if you have just rescued your pet, or frequently encounter other animals, Bordetella is a highly-recommended vaccination because it protects against a contagious respiratory disease, Kennel Cough. There are also some vaccinations that are ideally given during a certain time frame. Some vaccinations are required annually, like Rabies. Each pet’s vaccination needs differ, which is why we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with one of our vets at Ponderosa. Our DVMs have years of veterinary experience and will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your pet.








Ponderosa is proud to be your local veterinary clinic in Colorado Springs! We offer affordable vaccinations for your dog and cat, and our highly qualified DVMs can make the best recommendations for your companion. The difference at Ponderosa is simple: we believe in honest and compassionate care. We build relationships based on mutual education and will always inform you on what’s going on, what we recommend and why. This enables you to make informed decisions about your pet’s healthcare, and feel confident with those decisions.